Caring for the Bedbound Patient

Here at Home Health & Hospice Care, we are deeply aware that for many of you, caring for a terminally ill person is a new experience that feels unfamiliar and even a bit frightening.  We offer training and support so that you can feel confident about caring for your loved one.  Here, you will find support and instruction on how to safely care for a bedbound patient. This happens when your loved one becomes very weak and unable to safely get in and out of bed. 

Someone who is no longer able to move or change positions in bed on their own are at risk for skin breakdown from prolonged pressure contact with the bed. The bony areas of the back, hips, heels and ankles are especially vulnerable. Helping to turn and reposition your loved one can relieve pressure on these areas. Changing positions can also relieve muscle and joint aches that occur from lying in bed for long periods of time.

Below you will find an instructional video that details how to safely turn and reposition your loved one.

Some important things to note:

Your loved one should be turned and repositioned at least once every 2 hours. 

Try not to disturb your own sleep. The better way to manage nighttime turning is when you awaken to give medications or to use the bathroom. 

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