Community Hospice House Visitor Policy

Thank you for choosing Home Health and Hospice Care to care for your loved one.  At the Community Hospice House (CHH), as in all healthcare environments, we must balance the delivery of compassionate care with the need to minimize exposure to Covid 19 to our staff, residents and visitors  Therefore, we have developed the following policies effective 3/1/21.  These policies will be reviewed daily and are subject to change.  

  • All patients admitted to CHH must have:
    • PCR test within the last 72 hours prior to admission. OR
    • Rapid and  PCR will be performed
  • Positive test results  
    • One time compassionate visit with 1 visitor will be allowed if the patient is imminent
  • All visitors, including the 1 time compassionate visitor, will complete the following screening procedure:
    • Please enter through the front door to be screened.
    • Any visitor experiencing or exhibiting symptoms of illness and/or fever >100.00 will not be allowed to visit.
      • Visitors must be 10 days since beginning of symptoms and at least 72 hours since resolution of fever without fever-reducing medications, with improvement in symptoms before being allowed entrance to the CHH.
    • NH residents or out-of-state visitors domestic traveling to/from areas outside of New England (Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island) need to self-quarantine for the first 10 days before visiting the hospice house OR
    • Quarantine for 7 days with a negative PCR test on day 7 or later. Visitors must bring a copy of the negative PCR in order to be allowed entry.
    • Fully vaccinated visitors who domestic travel will be excluded from quarantine with documented evidence of vaccination.
    • Visitors internationally traveling will need to quarantine for 14 days before visiting the hospice house.
  • Visiting hours are: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • A maximum of 4 different visitors will be allowed during visitor hours.
  • All visitors must wear a surgical mask at all times and use hand sanitizer.
  • All visitors should remain in their loved ones room for the duration of the visit. Visitors are not allowed in the common areas, including the bathrooms, so please plan accordingly.
  • When a patient becomes imminent, a one time compassionate visit with 2 of the 4 designated visitors will be offered outside of the visiting hours of 10am-8pm. Once established visiting hours resume, are welcome to visit the patient until 8pm.

Thank you again for your patience and for choosing us to care for your loved one.  If you have any questions about the visitor policy, or would like assistance with a visit, please call (603) 595-5688 and ask to speak with the Social Worker.

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