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There are many types of wounds that can damage the skin, from minor cuts and abrasions to deep punctures and lacerations. While some are more serious than others, all wounds can leave you susceptible to infection, making wound care incredibly important.

At Home Health & Hospice Care, we recognize the dangers that wounds can pose, especially to patients with Diabetes, poor circulation or who are on dialysis or have compromised immune systems. These individuals are at a higher risk of infection; for them, even minor wounds can become life-threatening. In order to minimize complications and promote healing, it’s incredibly important to ensure these wounds are treated and cared for correctly.

Our certified Wound Care Nurses are experienced in treating wounds of all kinds. As skilled clinicians, they will help to prevent infection and ease your pain as you recover from difficult skin wounds and get back to your old life again!

Ready to regain your independence and dignity? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about our wound care services available in and around Merrimack and throughout southern New Hampshire.

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