Engaging Nursing Home Patients with Memory Disorders at End of Life

HHHC’s Seasons Program is designed to improve quality of life for patients who have Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementias. Utilizing an individual’s life story, the Seasons Program finds creative ways to connect and engage a person’s senses to affect overall wellbeing when traditional medical care may not be enough.

The Seasons Program encourages patients to feel connected to their physical world. Customized for each individual, the program provides comfort by presenting familiar sights, sounds or smells that a patient may recognize. Our hospice social worker guides the discovery process, learning about the individual’s history, likes, dislikes and special memories. Based on that, our Seasons Program team will customize what we can offer, including things such as music, About Me posters, fidget aprons and mats, activity kits, sensory items and tactile comfort objects.

By stimulating the senses, we add meaning to simple activities and decrease the anxiety and agitation that patients may be experiencing. Family members are strongly encouraged to participate in the program alongside their loved ones.

For patients suffering from memory disorders as life draws to a close, the Seasons Program is both therapeutic and comforting. Interested in learning more about how this innovative hospice program for dementia patients in southern NH might benefit your loved one? Contact us today.

Your warmth and kindness to Lee and our family was remarkable. Your team was highly recommended and we had high expectations- you exceeded them! My daughters and I personally thank you for the time and attention that you gave to us when we needed it the most. Lee died peacefully, embraced by his family with love all around him. Our memories of him will be even better because of your dedication. Letting him go was a little easier because of what you taught us.”

– Nancy D.

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