We Honor Veterans

Through the We Honor Veterans (WHV) Hospice Partner program, Home Health & Hospice Care ensures that veterans and their families are aware of benefits for which they may be eligible. Our hospice staff and volunteers are specially trained to understand how a person’s military service might impact their end of life experience and how to deliver best practice care.

As part of the WHV program, HHHC acknowledges each veteran we serve (given their permission) by performing a recognition ceremony, pinning the veteran and presenting a special certificate. Ceremonies may be kept very intimate, or may engage family and the community for a larger, more formal celebration. With respect, we scale the ceremony to the wishes of each veteran and family.

In addition, veteran-to-veteran volunteers for the WHV program provide an additional level of support, recognizing the camaraderie of those who have served and matching patients to others who share a similar experience. Volunteers may also assist with special projects such as replacing a lost medal, helping to reconnect veterans with service comrades, recording stories, or searching for resources related to particular topics of interest.

The Home Health & Hospice Care team recognizes the sacrifice made by veterans and their families. We offer grateful acknowledgment to every person who has served in the military and are proud to be a We Honor Veterans Hospice Partner here in New Hampshire.

Interested in learning more about We Honor Veterans and the hospice care we provide for those who have served our country? Contact us today!

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