August 30th is National Grief Awareness Day

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National Grief Awareness Day is recognized every year on August 30th. The day is an opportunity to raise awareness about grief and to create sacred space to honor loss. It is a reminder for us to recognize the emotional, physical, spiritual and social impact of loss for individuals, families, and communities, but to also recognize our own personal losses and explore ways to give voice to those experiences as well. Here are some ideas to assist with observance of the day…


  • Proactive, intentional and mindful self-care. You support many. Self-compassion is encouraged.
  • Remember and honor those whom recently died in a way that is safe and healthy for you.
  • Professional growth: Take a course related to a grief area you have been wanting to learn more about.


  • Check on a friend or loved one who has had a recent loss.
  • Is there a client who may benefit from a call or visit especially that day?


  • Consider a family ritual, tradition, or just dinner together to honor recent losses. Family defined also as those in your personal community impacted by that loss.


  • Submit for a local announcement/publicity about Grief Awareness Day.
  • Unique social media posts providing education or stories.
  • Provide a presentation in the community.


  • Recognize staff losses and grief in a staff meeting.
  • Educate staff on some distinct aspects of professional grief.
  • Explore your company’s bereavement policies. Are there opportunities to consider grief and encourage revisions?


  • Seek opportunities to advocate for continued grief research and funding.
  • Letter to your local representative about grief in the community and your programs.

If you need resources for grief support, please contact our Bereavement department at 603-420-1919 or visit Our Bereavement Page

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