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The future of Home Health & Hospice Care is best achieved as part of an integrated healthcare system that values the care provided both inside and outside the walls of hospitals. In order to best meet the needs of the community Home Health & Hospice (HHHC) and SolutionHealth have publicly announced that they have signed a letter of intent (LOI) to discuss the value of an affiliation in order to provide enhanced post-acute care services to the people of southern New Hampshire.

With this affiliation, we will be able to deliver enhanced health care services as part of an innovative post-acute care health experience for patients in our region. HHHC and the VNA of Manchester and Southern New Hampshire leadership and Board members have given considerable thought to the benefits that can be provided to the community under the proposed structure. Both organizations have a long history working across southern New Hampshire and are well respected by other health care organizations, patients, families, and members of the community they serve at large. Combined, we have 375 community volunteers who are dedicated to supporting our agencies and the work we do. As we reviewed our respective missions, we recognized that our goals are aligned.

Home care and hospice organizations have long been known as low-cost providers of care. In addition, home is generally where patients and their families wish to receive their care. Working together as part of SolutionHealth’s post-acute network enhances the ability for the organizations to improve services across the continuum of care, utilize an integrated medical records system, and develop innovative programs to keep individuals at home in an efficient, high quality, low cost manner.

“We believe that the combined expertise between Home Health & Hospice Care and SolutionHealth will improve patient experience and healthcare outcomes. Sharing a common health care record platform will also help to coordinate care and lead to greater patient satisfaction. At the same time, we remain committed to the meaningful relationships that we have developed with all health care providers and will continue to work collaboratively to best serve patients in southern New Hampshire,” said John Getts, HHHC President and CEO.

Under the terms of the proposed affiliation, HHHC will keep its name and remain an independently licensed, not-for-profit, charitable health care organization. While becoming part of the SolutionHealth family, HHHC will maintain its own board of directors, community connections, and fundraising activities.

“Our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure access to high-quality post-acute care throughout southern New Hampshire,” said Sherry Hausmann, President and CEO of SolutionHealth. “We could not have done this independently. HHHC is a true leader in post-acute care and we are honored to be partnering with them to provide these important services to our community.”

For patients and providers, this partnership offers many benefits, including an integrated medical record which will close care gaps and improve patient outcomes, expanded access to care, greater clinical specialty sophistication, increased population health offerings, and improvements to clinical and operational efficiency. The trend toward advanced care outside of the acute setting has been advancing for years, and the pandemic has only accelerated that trend and an increase in innovations in, and demand for, care at home.

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