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Barbara Lafrance
Stephen McLean
Clinical Operations Director
Jessica Davio
Director of Quality and Education
Tina Andrade
Director of Philanthropy
Monique Lippert
Director of Business Development
Dr. Anica Naprta
Board Certified Hospice Medical Director

Volunteer Board of Directors

Tim Lafferty
Why I Serve »
My wife and I have enjoyed a long relationship with Home Health & Hospice Care through the lives of our two sons. Our relationship included home care services as well as hospice care. The love and support of the HHHC team was a significant help to our sons, and to us as parents, before and after their passing away. We will always be grateful for the loving care that our family received. I serve on the HHHC Board of Directors to help advance the mission of this wonderful organization that makes a profound impact in the lives of so many people in our community.
Jeanine Kilgallen
Vice Chair
Why I Serve »
My relationship with HHHC has been a long one. While growing up, my grandfather lived with us and I witnessed the excellent care that HHHC provided him, first as a general home care patient and ultimately as a home hospice patient. Even at a young age, I was struck by the dignity afforded to him and the compassion shown towards him and my family during an extremely difficult time. The experience shaped us. My sister has worked at the Community Hospice House since it first opened, and I have had the honor of knowing many staff members and volunteers there over the years. Their work truly is a calling, and one that I believe highlights the best of humanity. Their devotion, skill, and commitment to service only became more apparent over time when I’ve had loved ones pass at the House. Many friends and family members have received a variety of other services from HHHC, and all have been thankful and deeply impacted by the organization. HHHC offers vital services to the community, and it does so with tremendous skill, professionalism, and compassion. I am proud and humbled to serve on the Board of such an extraordinary organization.
Elizabeth Cote
Why I Serve »
I originally became involved with HHHC through the volunteer training and then as a member of a pet therapy team with my golden retriever, as a vigil volunteer and as a bereavement volunteer. Experiencing firsthand the care, compassion and commitment the organization brings to the market made the decision to be a board member an easy one.
Kathie McIntyre
Why I Serve »
Saint Francis Assisi wrote many years ago “For it is in giving that we receive.” As a volunteer at Home Health & Hospice Care and now as a member of the Board of Directors, I am deeply grateful to have this opportunity to serve and to give to others.
Andy Armstrong
Why I Serve »
My service on the board is an expression of gratitude. Over the years, members of my family and the congregations I've served received loving care and dignity at their life's end. Frankly, anything I can do to help others receive the same care is part of an expression of my faith.
Ken BridgewaterKenneth Bridgewater
Why I Serve »
As an immigrant, the U.S. has been very good to me and my family for nearly 50 years. So when I retired, I wanted to find a way to give back. After considering several options, I have found that HHHC is a perfect match for me to contribute my business skills to a most worthy organization. I’m happy to participate in any way I can in support of our most wonderful staff and volunteers.
Pat Brunini
Why I Serve »
Many years ago my husband and I first found out about Hospice through a friend (who was like family) in FL. We traveled to visit him at a Hospice House and were over whelmed by the whole experience – the friendly and caring staff, the beautiful facility, the aura of peace that surrounded the process of dying and the dignity that was afforded our dear friend. When we learned about the Hospice House opening in Merrimack, we went for a tour and started our longtime dedication to this organization. Since then we have seen many family members and friends experience the care offered by the Hospice “Angels” both at home and in the Hospice House. It is an honor to be on the Board, and to participate in helping this great organization reach its goal of providing patient services that excel on every level.
Dave Christiansen
Marcia DonaldsonMarcia Donaldson
Why I Serve »
Like so many times in life, as one door closes, another door opens. I became involved with HHHC when my mother passed away. Her care was extraordinary and I wanted to be a part of what made that possible. It changed my life.
Scott Flegal
Why I Serve »
Roughly four years ago, my mother succumbed to cancer at the Community Hospice House. She spent four days there before her time ran out, and our experience had an enormous impact on everyone in my family. They kept my mother relaxed and comfortable. The atmosphere was warm, relaxing and indeed loving for all of us. The staff and volunteers were, without exception, kind, courteous and thoughtful beyond belief. It may seem odd, but the Hospice House also gave us the opportunity to interact with others who were in the same position as we were. It turns out that waiting for a family member to die is a tie that bonds us all. So when the opportunity to join the HHHC Board of Directors arose, I could not turn it down.

My experience on the Board of Directors has only reinvigorated my appreciation for all the organization does. I quickly learned that the Hospice House was only a small part of the operation. With our dedicated staff and talented army of volunteers, we do an enormous amount of good in the Greater Nashua Community. We impact so many, and only in the most positive fashion. It is privilege to serve Home Health & Hospice Care.
Eileen Beckhardt Freedman
Why I Serve »
Fifteen years ago, I was introduced to the Community Hospice House when a close friend of mine was a patient there. I was so impressed with the peaceful, compassionate and devoted end-of-life care I witnessed, that I have been a faithful supporter of the agency since. I then decided to join to Board of Directors.

Through experience on the Board, I became acquainted with the wide range of services HHHC offers. After hearing of experiences of close friends and family, I came to greatly appreciate the skill, dedication and professionalism of the staff. When my work schedule made other commitments difficult, I left the Board, but made every effort to support HHHC in other ways.

Last year, I experienced firsthand the amazing work of the agency. My husband received home care following surgery for liver cancer. The procedures and details involved in his care were numerous, but were handled appropriately and successfully. Unfortunately, after a few months, it was determined that hospice care was required. Luckily, he was able to remain at home and his final days were peaceful, gentle and relatively pain-free.

Now, I want to do what I can to give back to the agency that has given so much to so many. With more time to dedicate, I am honored to rejoin the HHHC Board and look forward to doing my part to ensure the success of such an integral part of the healthcare system in southern NH.
Tracy Hart
Why I Serve »
I have supported HHHC via the Champagne Luncheon fundraiser for many years. Hearing all the stories of the care that various people have received, I felt compelled to serve at a different level. Personally, some family members have required medical care at their end of life, however, they didn’t need the services of HHHC. Yet, knowing this service is available if needed, and I can participate in a way to help facilitate, it gives me a sense of giving back in some way.
Dee PringleDee Pringle
President of The Good Cheer Society
Why I Serve »
My connection with HHHC is a very personal one. The people in this organization helped my family through a very challenging transition a few years ago. It is important to me that other experience the magic that happens when caring people work hard together to support members of our community. It’s the human thing to do.
Linda Robinson
Why I Serve »
I believe that giving back to the community is a must in my life. This belief has led me to have the honor of serving on the HHHC Board of Directors. The care and respect for patients and their families that I have witnessed makes me very proud to serve. The quality and commitment of each staff member makes me want to be a better board member to honor them. I wanted to be a part of this. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to serve.
Sandy RodgersSandy Rodgers
Why I Serve »
After my beautiful daughter, Janie, died in 1992 from Type 1 juvenile diabetes, I decided that I needed to be involved in a giving and caring organization that helps people. I am not really sure how I was guided to HHHC, but I have worn many hats and have been actively involved ever since. My wonderful husband, Tom, passed away in 2004 under the terrific care at the Community Hospice House. I love the organization.
Photo Coming SoonJaron Slattery
Scott Toothaker
Stephanie Wolf-RosenblumStephanie Wolf-Rosenblum, MD
Why I Serve »
I have witnessed the special work of Home Health & Hospice staff firsthand, both as a physician and as the loved one of a patient. I feel honored to be able to support the work of the people who fulfill such an important need in the community and do it so well.
Jennifer YeomansJennifer Leonard Yeomans
Why I Serve »
A couple of years ago, I was looking to volunteer at a local non-profit where my work skills may be complimentary. Having roots in Nashua, I heard about the kindness, patience and professionalism that family members experienced with loved ones at the Community Hospice House. A teacher mentioned the Good Grief program and the compassionate support to her elementary school student. Now I can confirm HHHC is absolutely extraordinary as rumored.

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